Teams of 2018

Winner of Group A


Farmers are suffering from a severe labor shortage which has led the cost of removing weeds to surge, amounting up to 20% of production costs. Our solution leverages recent advances in computer vision, sensing, and robotics to automate the detection and removal of weeds, thereby significantly alleviating the labor shortage and reducing herbicide use.

Winner of Group B


Do you know your vitamin levels? Key nutrient deficiencies affect billions of people and can lead to major health problems-- but finding out if you’re low isn’t easy. VitaScan has developed a handheld device to test your body’s vitamins and micronutrients from one drop of blood in just 10 minutes.

Group A

A.I. Capital Management

Bidirectional Display Inc.



Iterate Labs

Group B


Angiex Inc.

Visionairy Health, Inc.